Are you at Liberty with your cyber security?

Are you at Liberty with your Cyber Security?

This last week has allowed us an opportunity to see the damage that can be caused by a data breach, following the announcement by the financial services giant namely Liberty Holdings, their business has faced harsh scrutiny by the media and its customers.

A business of any size requires and relies on the trust of its customers to make sales. Despite the POPI Act not yet being in effect, the reputational damage for Liberty is unquantifiable, needless to say a huge investment will now be required to rebuild trust with their customers and shareholders.

It seems to be common practice for us to wait for disaster to occur before we implement the necessary proactive measures. I once heard someone say maintaining a healthy diet could be expensive, however how much more are hospital bills, or the value of your life?  The cost of your choice remains – the variable is whether you pay now or later.

Is your IT environment secure? If your answer to any of the below questions is NO, please contact us for a free consultation.
1.  Do you have an automated offsite data-backup system?
2. Access to sensitive data within my company is restricted to certain employees?
3. My company employees access data from multiple devices, which are backed up regularly and  encrypted?
4. My business has a full data recovery plan that is tested and updated regularly?
5. My IT Security environment has a multi-layered approach to cyber security threats?
6. I am confident that when employees leave they will have no access to data?
7. I have categorised and secured my data according to its strategic level and my company could recover from a cyber-security attack?